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Production of piezo bimorphs had started during the year 1960 and with the development of such products, it has really provided value additions tp the consumers.

Nowadays, this piezoelectric bimorph is available in many different sizes. Its length varies within the range of 6 to 74 mm and width varies from 1 to 43 mm and its thickness varies from 0.48 mm to 2 mm. If you need any other size for your project then they are supplied on special requests. Both series, as well as parallel bimorphs, are very cost-effective and highly sensitive. However, parallel types of bimorphs are mostly used by the consumers. For More Information About the Best piezoelectric bimorph, Please Check

In certain applications, it may be real challenge to obtain larger displacement by using lower voltages. Displacement is normally achieved by applying proportionate amount of voltage based on unit thickness of each unit of piezo element. If the dimension as well as voltage remains the same then it is possible to obtain internal electric field of large parallel types and also you can also get larger displacement.

In case of series bimorphs, internal impedance and output voltage is much higher than parallel type of bimorphs.     Continue reading “Technical Ceramic Businesses Produces Piezo Bimorphs”